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Hello everyone!

I have been undergoing a pain-staking week of exams so I thought what better than this to use as part two of my 'School Life' series!

1. Revision, revision, revision.

I can't say I hate revision but I can say I despise it! I absolutely hate revision, all the study cards and paper flying everywhere, the late nights and last minute rush. However,done properly it can really boost your grades. Remember to take 'bite-sized chunks' (as my friend ingeniously put it) and take everything in if you aren't concentrating nothing will register. Also, before you revise decide whether you are a music or no music studier because, for some people, music can really throw them into a land of karaoke and Strictly Come Dancing!

2. It's all about you.

The week before your exams look after yourself! I know it can be hard but remember to eat healthily, get some exercise and go to bed earlier then usual. It really is fact that these three small factors will help you out big time!

3. The Big Day.

When it comes down to the actual exams my brain is an emotional, exhausted mess but I think that is just natural. I find though that as soon as I sit down and look at the first question I relax a little because I realise they are going to ask me about rocket science! I firmly suggest that you bring along a snack such as a banana as well as your lunch so you get the energy you need to not have to push yourself through.

4. The dreaded aftermath.

Obviously, all anyone wants to know after an exam is how well they did but I try (whether this be sucessful or not) and tear myself away from that and forget about the whole thing, to some degree, otherwise I find myself in a state of worry for the next few weeks.

Just remember these things and, hopefully, you will have a smooth journey through your exams! Good luck to anyone in process or about to go into it and if you have any questions tweet me @bronwynsbeauty.

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Bronwyn x

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