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Hello everyone!

As you all know, I am still at school, yes, it's a pain in the bum but it's not all that bad. I understand though that I am somewhat as a black sheep when it comes to this opinion therefore I have conjured up a few tips and tricks for you to get through it as smoothly as possible! If you are not in school I hope that you can relate!

Before we get going though here is what I have taken as my GCSE option for those of you that are interested:

  • Geography
  • Spanish
  • Media Studies
  • Drama
Friends and Relationships

When it comes to any stage of education friends are key. Although in year 7 I seemed to lose contact with a lot of my old friends, I made so many more on my way to where I am. Without my friends, school would be a pretty awful place to be, even in the most tedious revision lesson they can always keep my spirits up! My top, top tip is don't keep your eggs all in one basket, it's something my Mum has always said to me but it is so very true! The last thing you want to be doing is having an argument with one friend and consequently have no one to eat you lunch with that day. Secondly, always remember that having a boyfriend/girlfriend is totally overrated, seriously you have so many years ahead of you and so many other things to concentrate on that the last thing you want to worry about is having one! However, if you do have one don't let your relationship turn your friends away, anyone that does this isn't worth being with anyway.

Lesson Time

Now, undoubtedly the most important factor of school and yet the most detested. All you need to do is remember 'I am here for a reason, it'll be over soon!' Not only this but just a few years from now, fingers crossed, you will have a full-time job and a lot of responsibility so make the most of your freedom!

I know it can be easy to nod off during the lessons with the soothing tone of your teacher's voice reciting Pi and explaining the likes of Atomic Numbers and Solar Power but WAKE UP! Believe it or not by the time you reach your exams this information may be somewhat useful so I do insist that you sit up and get those ears-a-listenin'! 

Homework and Studying

8pm Sunday evening your watching some mundane family television and BOOM you remember that History project due in tomorrow, oh, and your physics test on Tuesday! Don't let this be you again and try your hardest to do your homework the night it's set. Easier said than done, I know, and I am the first one to put my hands in the air and say I have been there but it would make your life so much easier to get it over and done with!

As regards to studying, don't put it off, you can't learn what you don't know the night before whatever it may be! To make this process a little more bearable make sure that through the year you keep your books and resources tidy, at the time it doesn't matter but when you need them it really does!


Ah, the joys of exams! I find the process goes a bit like this: calm look over notes, slightly stressed reciting of facts, pacing your room with a pen in your mouth and book with worn spine in your hands, crying your worries away, calmer revision, frantic rush of information, sweating of palms in the exam hall and the restless aftermath until the moment you see your results! Skip all of this and keep it calm! What's the worst thing that could happen, eh? Just sit back and take a deeeeep breath, it'll be okay, you just have to believe in yourself!

Free time

All I can say is enjoy it because you only spend 2/7 days apart from the 's-word' and the only it is the only time your can truly tear yourself away from the stress and strain!

I am in no way the expert of school life but I hope that you take something away from this and that it improves your student life. 

If you enjoyed this post let me know because I hope to make 'School Life' a series!
Bronwyn x

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