Fitness Motivation!


Hello Everyone!

Fitness motivation - a subject we all need help with!  These are my top tips to make you want to work for that perfect summer body. Enjoy!

1. Set yourself a goal - whether it may be to lose a few pounds or get those 6-pack abs make sure you know where you are going.
2. Switch up your routines - this will make fitness so much more fun! One day you could be cycling up a hill the next you could be circuit training around your garden.
3. Find a fitness partner - if your friend is as determined as you are then you will push each other along but make sure you pick the right person.
4. Treat yourself - get yourself some new trainers, sport clothing or equipment to really make fitness more luxurious!
5. Just do it - don't just sit and think about it put your trainers on and go for it!

6. Join a class - why not go down to your local gym and sign up for a class or two? There is so much on offer from Zumba to Spinning and it's a great way of meeting new people.
7. Listen to upbeat music - this can really get you going if you are feeling a bit sluggish.
8. Watch a fitness video - fitness instructors are very motivational but instead on splashing out on a personal trainer why not watch a YouTube video or DVD?
9. Try some 'pinteresty' ideas - Pinterest has some amazing motivation tips and tricks check out my 'Get Fit - 2014' board here.  
10. Read this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will speak to you soon,
Bronwyn x
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