Cleaning Makeup Brushes Without Expense


Hello everyone!

Washing your brushes... the other time of the month us girlies hate but I have a solution! With just a few inexpensive items you can have squeaky clean and baby-bottom soft brushes in no time at all!

What you need:
Brushes (Of course)
Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Wash (I used Dettol Revitalise in Raspberry & Pomegranate)
An Exfoliating Glove or Flannel
Conditioner (Optional)

Firstly, pump a pea sized amount of Hand Wash onto the back of your exfoliating glove or flannel (I definitely recommend using the back of the glove because the front is too course).   

Then wet the tip of your brush, dip it in the soap and swirl it round in circular motions (on the glove, you're not a fairy my dear) personally, seeing all the grime being scrubbed off is so very satisfying!

Once you feel satisfied that your brush is clean press its bristles on the sink and see if the water runs clear, if not give it another going over. Repeat this until it does.

When all is clean, rinse your brush to get off any excess soap.

Now, this is the high-maintenance part! If you are happy with the first section, just leave it there but if you're like me and like to be a little bit fancy, go in with your conditioner. Instead of using the glove use the back of your hand and leave them for 3 minutes before rinsing. This will leave them smelling fresh and feeling extremely soft!

Lastly, squeeze them in a dry towel and wrap them up to make sure they dry to do your makeup in the morning!

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Bronwyn x

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  2. Great tips! I used to break out so much and didn't know why!
    It was the makeup brushes that I had so long mistreated!


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