My Winter Essentials


Hello everyone!

Winter has been around for a long while now an during this time I have really been getting to know the season, therefore I thought I'd share with you what my Winter essentials have been!

Fluffy socks are a must-have! They are great to lounge around the house and don't get in the way like I find slippers do. You can pick them up almost anywhere in almost any colour, print or pattern!

I am loving burning candles at the minute, they make the room look and smell great and give a Christmassy vibe! This one from Aromatherapy is so fresh yet relaxing and fills up the whole room!

Thick, cosy jumpers are always on my back at this time of the year! Two particular jumpers have been circulating recently particularly the Black and White, fuzzy one (H&M) which you have already seen here. My wardrobe seems to be have gained quite a few jumpers this winter!

Although I drink both all year round, coffee and hot chocolate keep you warm on the coldest days. I got a brilliant Starbucks travel mug for Christmas so that has spurred me on to drink more! See my Winter Drinks Guide here

Boots have saved my life pretty much everyday since September! I always seem to have cold hands and feet so thick and fluffy boots are very much needed! If I could choose to live in either summer shoes or boots all year round I would always go for boots.

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Bronwyn x

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