Winter Drink Guide - 2014


Hello everyone!

I don't know about you but hot drinks are one of my favourite things about Winter, so I thought I'd tell you how to make your own Christmassy/Cosy drinks at home and the best ones when your on-the-go!

My greatest creation has got to be the DIY Costa Gingerbread Latte and it is easy-peasy!

First put a teaspoon of instant coffee into a microwaveable mug along with a teaspoon of Monin Gingerbread Syrup (use more or less depending on your sweet tooth). You can pick up the Monin Syrup Minis Set in Costa or you can get large individual ones in Sainsbury's and Tesco too. The mini set makes a great Christmas prezzie!
Next pour half a mug of your chosen milk in and give it a stir.
Fill the kettle and leave it to boil.

Now put your mug into the microwave for 1 minute. Stir it and put it back in for another minute. Keep checking it because it can spill over and nobody wants to clean out the microwave!
Once the kettle has boiled pour it into the hot milk/coffee/syrup and that is your finished DIY Costa Gingerbread latte! For extra indulgence add some squirty cream and sugar if you think it needs any. 

As I mentioned in my last post I have recently discovered Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and I love it so much! It is the perfect drink to warm you up whilst Christmas shopping (this is how I discovered it and I think it was the best way!). It has just the right balance of spice and sweet. 

I have also been loving Costa's Christmas collection, particularly the Gingerbread Latte (re-created above)! It comes with whipped cream, gold stars and a mini-gingerbread man which makes it very Instagrammable!

My Mum picked this up in Tesco a few days ago and it's heaven - Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate! It tastes just like a Snickers, is under 100 calories and is super simple to make, what's not like?

Start by boiling the kettle and putting two heaped teaspoons of the powder in a mug.
Once your water has boiled pour it to fill 3/4 of your mug. Fill the rest of the rest with cold milk and enjoy! It's easy, right?

I hope you have enjoyed this post, instagram your drinks with #bronwynschristmas,
Bronwyn x

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  1. I love the peanut hottie! My brother begged to buy it, and I thought it would be discussing but it was delicious! Xx

    1. It tastes like a snickers bar with a fraction of the calories!


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