January Favourites - 2015


Hello everyone!

I can't believe January has been and gone already! It has been a great start to the year, I've been to London to watch CATS at the Palladium and had the time of my life performing our own production of the musical! I have discovered some brilliant bits and bobs over last month and here they are. 

On that note, CATS The Musical! Oh my, what an amazing show, the costume, cast, set, lighting, music, theatre, everything was just astonishing! I went along with our own CATS crew (I was in a production of CATS if you're new here!) and it inspired us all to put on an amazing show ourselves! I could blabber on forever but I'll leave at... Nicole Scherzinger's voice!!!

Okay everyone, my obsession with John Mayer has kind of gotten out of control; his music is perfection, he is perfection! He is ALMOST on par with David Tennant, in my opinion, and that is saying something! I have particularly been loving his latest album Paradise Valley and Where The Light Is Live Recording, I could listen to them on repeat.

I have just repurchased Rimmel Match Perfection after way too long, it's a great all-rounder foundation for everyday and I just love it! However, I noticed that the bottle is significantly smaller along with Wake Me Up or is it just me?

Rituals Fortune Scrub is my greatest discovery this month! I have always been a great lover of the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush scrub but this one is on another level. The little granules aren't too scratchy which I usually find and I love the fact that is lathers so it leaves you with a very clean feeling afterwards. The only downside is that the scent (which is soo very desirable) doesn't last very long on my skin which is such a shame!

Now, I'm not an avid reader by any stretch but... I have a favourite book this month! I have been reading Michelle Phan's Makeup: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success Online and Off (long title!) and I love it! It is so well-written, the style, layout and photographs are brilliant and it's the kind of book that you can go back to again and again after reading. I haven't yet finished it but I am very close so when I have I'll let you know my final thoughts on Facebook!

I hope you enjoyed this post, tell me what you loved in January in the comments,
Bronwyn x

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