My Party Guide


Hello Everyone! 

A few days ago I had a small belated birthday party with a few of my closest friends. We had some yummy healthy food, drinks, music and even a few rounds of musical chairs! I thought that in this post I would help with all your party throwing needs with some tips and tricks.

1. Invite the right people -I only invited some of my closest friends so we all got along and joined in.

2. Make sure there is something for everyone - Whether this be food or music make sure there is something that each person will enjoy.

3. Make people feel welcome - I think we've all been to an awkward party where you stand with an empty glass for a few hours so include everyone and make the place feel homely and fun!

4. Be creative - a personal touch or a quirky idea goes a long way! I pegged some inspirational quotes in the hedges.

5. Have fun - I made the mistake of being very anxious in the lead up to my party when there was no reason for it at all we had an amazing time!

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Bronwyn x

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