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Hello everyone!

I wouldn't call myself a 'YouTuber fangirl' but I am partial to a bit of late night/early morning video marathon-ing! The following six channels are the ones I always look out for on my subscription feed and have spent time (hours) watching.


Louis Cole is in a permanent gap year as a Nomad, living the adventure around the world almost 24/7. I want to have the same demeanour as him throughout my life, in the way that he makes the most of his freedom and opportunities. Also, travelling is one thing that makes me the happiest (post to come) and his many destinations give me inspiration for my 'travel bucket list'!


This lovely, talented lady has taught me so much about makeup and skin/haircare! Every video is packed with knowledge that you can use in everyday life as an average human being rather than a full-blown makeup artist.

Fleur DeForce

Fleur is your average woman who has a passion for fashion and makeup which makes her videos very relatable. Similarly to Tati, she gives advice from the average woman to the average to the average woman which makes watching her videos enjoyable, I find that some, from other YouTubers, can be too complex and therefore not at all enjoyable.

Jamie Oliver's Food Tube and SORTED Food

If you are a bit of a foodie like me you will love these two channels, I put them together because they are very similar but they do have their individual quirks! I enjoy watching their simple yet exciting recipes that I don't often try but always am impressed by. I have got a few bits and bobs they've shown stashed away in my brain that I am going to give a go so wish me luck!                                                                                                                                                                 
Convos With My 2-Year-Old

This channel is just brilliant! The main idea behind it is that two full grown men reenact hilarious and sometimes very relatable conversations between a Dad and his two year old daughter. As you can imagine, just the sight of a 'mature' adult (beard to prove it) acting and dressing as a female toddler is amusing in itself!

If any of these posts take your fancy why not check them out with the hyperlinks in their names!

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Bronwyn x

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