Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio Review


Hello everyone!

You have no idea how long it's taken me to get round to writing this post; it's been sitting, with only a title, in my drafts box for months! So let's get down to business, Smashbox Contour Sticks. 

At a pretty hefty £35, they're not to everyone's taste but believe me they are worth every penny! For me, contouring is a very important step in my makeup routine. It amazes me how, with just a swoop of a brush, you can transform your face, not only that but with these contour sticks you can colour your face with crayons, living the childhood dream!


In the set you get one bronze, one contour and one highlight stick (and a fitted sharpener). They look like chunky pencils which I love because it makes them nice and compact unlike some contour palettes. Each stick has a strong plastic cap which doesn't budge so I'm sure they would withstand travel without being smooshed into an expensive mess!


To say the product glides on is an understatement, it feels like a fairy drifting over your face sprinkling it's magic dust, yup that's more accurate! These are seriously easy to use, once you figure out were you should put each step on, it's just a case of drawing and a little bit of blending. I like to use either my Real Techniques Expert Face brush for a harsh contour or my RT Beauty Blender for a more diffused, natural look. As easy as it is now, it did take while to get used to, for this reason it may not be the best for beginners. In case you want to know how to contour check out this video which just so happens to be by one of my favourite YouTubers and uses the contour sticks. 

Achieved Look

Once applied, you can achieve contour perfection! There is definite difference between the contour and bronze shades (the contour being cool toned, bronze warm which is explained in the video) which justifies buying the whole kit. Each stick is completely matte with no shimmer/glitter or sheen so you can achieve lots of different looks and even layer other products over the top. Another bonus is that you can use them all over your body, so if you're wearing a low-cut dress, for example, you have the option of using them on your collar bones.

Lasting Power

These products last all day on my skin, particularly the contour and bronze shades, without any touch ups. They don't tend to go patchy or slide down my face and that's all you can really ask from a product really, especially in the sweat and movement of everyday life!


I think this kit is definitely worth the price tag, it does more than just get the job done, it's long lasting and I think each stick is going to be with you for the long haul! It's also important to note that the trio includes three, almost universal, shades to avoid the colour matching etc., found in products such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, which would be very complicated in this particular area.

This post is not sponsored but if you were interested in buying the Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio then follow the link here!

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Bronwyn x

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  1. Hi! I love your review :) Can I also make a suggestion? Why not review City Color Contour stick and highlight duo :D I read about a review on and they sound pretty great :) Why not review it? I would love to read your review hehe


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