Foundation 101


Hello everyone,

1 in 3 women wear foundation (if my sources are correct) so I thought it was quite important that I covered it in today's post!


Personally, buying foundation is a nightmare! I just hate the whole shade matching process, but it is undoubtedly very important. First, make sure you are looking at the right foundation here are key words to look out for and what they mean:

Liquid, Powder and Cream - Three most common forms of foundation
Matte - Oily Skin
Dewy - Dry to Combo Skin
Full/High Coverage - Thicker formulation perfect for covering acne etc.
Light/Low/Sheer Coverage - Thinner formulation perfect for clear or very sensitive skin
BB Cream (Beauty Balm) - Moisturising, sheer coverage and very lightweight
CC Cream - Colour Correcting
Long Lasting - Heavier to last all day
Camera/Photo - Anti-flashback
Colour Match - Adapts to skin tone

As you can see there are so many to choose from so make sure you pick what right for you, if you are unsure ask a shop assistant and they will be willing to help. 

When you find the foundation that's right for you make sure you test the shades on your skin, dab a bit on your neck and don't just check inside, check out side in natural lighting too. Also, I suggest walking around the store for a bit too to make sure your skin doesn't react and the foundation doesn't change colour as it sets.


To apply my foundation I either use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or Beauty Blender (as I'm sure you've seen previously). I find that these two methods give an even coverage and make blending easy. When applying foundation start where you need most coverage, for me it's generally the centre of my face, and work you way outwards/inwards. Use dabbing or circular motions rather then strokes so you don't end up with streaks, this also gives the best coverage. Finally, remember to blend along your jaw and hair line, you know what I mean ladies!


To avoid looking shiny throughout the day I always set my foundation with powder. This, however, may not be an option for those with dry skin so for you I suggest using a setting spray instead, they work in the same way but in a liquid formulation! I like to use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder because at £3.99 it does a cracking job.

I hope this helped you out and you enjoyed this post! Maybe there will be more to this '101' series in the future? If you have any questions let me know in the comments below,
Bronwyn x

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