What's In My Bag?


Hello everyone! 

I thought that in today's post I would give you an insight into what's in my bag! This is what I carry around day to day so for some events I have different bits and bobs. Let's get started!

I got this bag very recently in the Accessorize sale at the bargain price of £22! I needed something big, plain but still funky and I came across this, exactly what I wanted!

Let's get the boring bits out the way, I have some average tissues, this Nivea Milk & Honey lip balm (which is always a winner) and the clip on strap for my bag which will come in very handy! I also have these cat-eye sunglasses from Forever 21 and my purse from Parfois.

This is the Original Tangle Teezer and it has definitely changed my on-the-go hair game! It took me a while to get used to but it has converted me for life!

I always have my good ideas when I'm out and about so I always have to carry around a notebook (Tiger) and pen. This one in particular is a cavern of beauty blog goodness which you will see most of... in due course! When I'm travelling I am always listening to music through these simple, yet affective Sony headphones to keep me occupied and for Christmas I received this Hangman Puzzle book so this should rid my train journey boredom for a long while!

Last but not least my makeup bag! It is just by chance that I had this makeup case to coordinate with my bag and I am very pleased with that! Inside it is a mini deodorant, Hand Food (which is an absolute must-have), Q-tips, a hair band and nail file. Also this really cute mini Body Shop eau de toilette in Satsuma (which I luurve), a mini Smashbox Full Exposure mascara and a very random lipstick MAC Sheen Supreme in Gotta Dash! (I have no idea why this particular shade was in there!).

I hope you enjoyed this post, using #bronwynsbeautyblog on Instagram show me what's in your bags,
Bronwyn x

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