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Hello everyone,

I am constantly recieving questions such as "How did you start your blog?" and "What tools do you use?" so I thought the next someone asks me I can redirect them to blog post, here it is! If you have any further questions feel free to comment down below or get in touch on my facebook page.

Consideration and Planning

The very first step to any blog is consideration, you need to make sure that blogging is what you really want to do and you have chosen thee right category for you. I chose beauty because of my love for it, I don't think I could ever get bored of it, if it's something you don't have a passion for it's not the thing you should be blogging about.

Choosing Your Platform

Choosing a blogging platform is very important there are so many to choose from but your main options are Blogger and Wordpress. I chose Blogger for it's user friendly service and the availiabilty of AdSense which is a great system.

Firing Up Your Account

I don't want to bore you with step by step details so have a look at these guides about how to set up - Blogger - Wordpress. This stage is where planning is important because on some steps you can't change you mind so tread carefully!

Making it Pretty

The design and layout of your blog is key. The main thing you want to look out for is that your design relates to your category, the first thing your viewers take into account is the appearance of your blog therefore it should represent the content for example if your blog is about cupcake decorating you should use (stereotypically) pinks, purples and girly images. I found my template on Pinterest there is a great range of designs for everyone so I do advise you to check them out.

Social Media

To create good traffic for your new blog you should set up social media accounts such as Instagram or Facebook. This will broaden your audience and open up to people other than family and friends. Check out mine here - InstagramFacebookTwitter and Tumblr!

Keep It Up

To have a successful blog you must keep everything up! Make sure to engage your readers with regular blog and social media posts this way your blog is something they remember and can look forward to seeing on a regular basis.

I hope this helped out any of those with questions,
Bronwyn x

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