The Zombie Apocalypse Tag


Hello everyone!

So today's post is something very different that I have been tagged in by the brilliant Emma Blackery. Drum roll please... The Zombie Apocalypse Tag! I thought this was perfect for Halloween Eve! So on with the show...

Which three YouTubers would you have on your team?

Well the first person is kind of obvious but FunForLouis! He is the king of adventure after all! Then would be ThatcherJoe I think he would keep the group laughing! Last but not at all least I would have Tanya Burr, I think we would be a great duo and even if I got turned into a zombie I would have a good face of makeup!

If the object to your immediate left was your weapon, what would it be?

My computer! I think that's a pretty good weapon if you ask me.

If you were a zombie who would you like to bite?

If I bit a person surely they would become a zombie too so I would choose David Tennant so he had no choice but to be with me forever!

What would your survival plan be?

I would go to a huge supermarket and lock everything down so I would have all the supplies I would need for a long time and a lot of places to hide!

What would you do if your parents became zombies?

Well... I suppose I would run! I couldn't bring myself to decapitate them so I might as well just leg it!  

Do you want the zombie apocalypse to happen?

I a funny way, yes?! Does that make me weird? I just like of the idea of fending for yourself and there being no laws etc. (I feel everyone judging me.)

I tag all of you guys, let me know if you create a blog post or YouTube video by commenting on this post!

I hope you enjoyed this very different post and let me know if you want more like it, 
Bronwyn x

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  1. It's kinda wierd but me too, I wouldn't mind a zombie apocalypse to be honest. But I wowuldnt like to die in the end but it would be really good fun! Xx

    1. While I was writing this I was kind of coming up with my game plan!


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