My Blogging Journey: D S Nelson


My Blogging Journey: D S Nelson
Firstly thank you to Bronwyn for asking me to write this post. I have been blogging for six years and I now write novels and short stories under the name D S Nelson. But how did it all begin?
It all started with a little blog called the Sundial Garden. I’ve been writing all my life but studying, A’ Levels, university, diplomas and vocational qualifications, took all the fun out of it for me.
Then I found blogging!
For two years I blogged about my garden, the things I learnt and how I made the little haven we have now, although I’m sorry to say I have neglected it a little. I tell myself it’s for the benefit of the wildlife.
Then in 2011 I started to take my writing seriously. I began writing my first novel, which has never seen the light of day, but it has paved the way for my mystery series, ‘The Blake Hetherington Mysteries.’
I now have two novelettes, an anthology, short stories and a novel all published on Kindle.
I continue to blog and I currently write two blogs. One is about my writing and can be found via and one is all about the environment, living sustainably and respecting our planet:
I have just celebrated the release of my first novel and the third Blake Hetherington Mystery, ‘Model For Murder’. The very talented artist, Kathryn Ellis-Blandford, designed the cover and you can download your copy of the book here:
So that’s my blogging journey: from blogger to self-published author in six years.  Perhaps I’ll see you over on one of my blogs.
Happy Blogging!

Twitter: @WriterDSNelson

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  1. Bronwyn - Thanks for hosting one of my favourite author/boggers!

    D.S. - Thanks for sharing your blogging journey. Like you, I've found blogging to be a terrific way to connect with how much fun writing can be. It's also given me a great opportunity to meet some fantastic people - like yourself. Wishing you much success.

    1. Thank YOU for popping over to my blog! I am new to blogging (I started in May) it is so much fun and I have learnt so much. Dawn really is a brilliant blogger and I shall make sure to check out your blog, thanks again x

  2. Thanks Margot and thanks for stopping by Bronwyn's blog. Blogging has opened up so many opportunities for me, with my writing and like you say, I get to meet great fellow writers :-)


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