I'm a Winner!


Hello Everybody!

So... a few weeks ago I entered Benefit's #HowDoYouHoola competition. The instructions were for you to post a picture, showing you with your Hoola bronzer, on instagram. Simple!
I posted this...  

I won a free personalised hoola which is so awesome!
I actually included Hoola bronzer in my May Favourites post which you have a look at here!

                                 Coolest thing ever I think you have to agree!
                              Thank you to whoever wrote this cute little note!
                   Brownie points for the v.attractive men on the leaflet Benefit!

So thank you very much to Benefit Cosmetics and to everyone reading this!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I shall talk to you soon,
Bronwyn x 

PS. For my instagram click here

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