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Hello Everyone!

And I should say 'Hello Autumn'! Another Summer has been and gone and what a jolly good one it was! Being British I think a comment about the weather is very appropriate here - it wasn't half bad. It's been an eventful few months and all to be ended by entering my final year at school! The thought of having to prepare for my GCSEs scares me somewhat after 6 weeks of Big Bang Theory marathons and (almost daily) Costa visits. But now I need to put on my metaphorical thinking cap and slay these exams! I've found a lot of summer lovin' this month and here it is in a little capsule of wonderful...
I picked this nugget up in the first Lush store there ever was - that was exciting to start with! I was told by the lovely lady that if you lack funds but want hair for the gods leave a generous amount of 'American Cream' on overnight so sure enough I did and BY GOLLY! Wash this stuff out in the morning and you hair will smell like milkshake for the rest of the day and feel silky smooth. That, my friends, is magic!

I was gifted this for my birthday to go with my favourite Rituals Fortune Scrub which has the same zingy orange scent. I've never used a foaming shower gel and this one has converted me for life; you need the tiniest amount to cover your whole body and the smell is divine. 

As much as I love The Last Shadow Puppets I'm not dedicating this favourite to them but buying physical albums! I will put my hands up high and say that I used to be one of 'those' that only listens to music on YouTube and Spotify but times have changed. Why is it that I enjoy putting a CD into the player so much? The sound is better than with any other method too *prepares to be attacked by record player fanatics*. I truly recommend investing in CDs people #saveourCDs

I'm a nerdy chick ya know so when I found out the BBC show QI had their own podcast I was overjoyed! If you've never watched QI before, it's hosted by the fabulous Steven Fry and relays some of the quirkiest facts with the help of a panel of comedians. No Such Thing As A Fish is this condensed into an audio-track of glory. I listen non-stop: in the shower, running, travelling... I really do recommend it for some intellectual giggles!

Cover your eyes kids! These pencils are a work of genius and I think my writing will never be the same again. End of story.

The stress has been real these past few weeks, exams are creeping ever-closer but I'm ready to kick them in the butt! Who's with me?

Bronwyn x

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