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Hello everyone!

Last week I travelled up to the beautiful Windsor for a birthday trip fit for the Queen! Can we just appreciate how gorgeous Windsor and Eaton are? Every stretch had coordinating flowers *praying emoji* - that's what you call attention to detail!

The closest I've ever been to Windsor before was LegoLand but it's hard to appreciate the regal sights from the top of a rollercoaster. 

We started the trip with the obligatory visit to Windsor Castle. I can definitely see what attracted the royal family, it stood so majestically under the blazing July sun. I'd like to have taken more photos but it was quite camera shy (photo restrictions, boo).


White Tee - H&M Logg
Necklace - H&M
Skirt - Soul Cal & Co.
Trainers - Nike
Bag - Fiorelli
Bracelets - Pandora, Market
Sunglasses - North Beach at Salt Rock

We then bobbed along to the Windsor and Eaton Central Station and shops. It has to be repeated - everything in Windsor is just so grand! I truly recommend a visit just for all the Instagram opportunities.

A walk down to Eaton rounded off the visit. I envy the college goers that get to revel in such gorgeous surroundings but all I can do is make the most of its photogenicity.

We then took the train to Putney and walked along the river. London has always been my favourite place; I could go back endlessly.

There are some new apartments along the river with balconies, private swimming pools and gyms - can I just move now?
PS. This tree made my OCD very happy!

For a birthday meal, we ended up in Guilly-Guildford, one of my favourite local places. So all-in-all, a bundle of my best-loved places - I'd call that a cracker of a day!

I couldn't be happier when travelling and it is, as I'm sure it is with most, at the top of my bucket list. In fact, my biggest life goal is to travel to every continent - wish me luck!

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Bronwyn x

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