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Hello Everyone!

New Years Eve is a day for reflection, thanks and most importantly partying! This year was slightly different for me,  I spent it at the highly popular Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter! I had the most amazing time, there was something so magical about it with being able to see everything you've seen in the films come to life! As a Media Studies student and film lover it was brilliant to see all the hard work and 100s (if not 1000s) of hours that goes into making these 1.5 to 3.5 hour masterpieces. I would love to share all the 352 photos I took of the day but, instead, I thought I'd capture the highlight through a small array of pics, enjoy!

An early 7.30 am start took us up to the north of London and the Leavesden Studios, this enormous building was like a shining beacon at the end of the journey! How handy is it that they actually have there own branch of Starbucks? Early mornings = Caramel Macchiato... Grande!

Through the doors we were welcomed by a snow smothered Christmas tree for there 'In the Snow' theme, it was truly beautiful and got me back in the festive spirit!

After a short talk and video (no spoilers here!) we were welcome into the Great Hall! This may have been the best part of the tour as this is where the magic really began!

Half way though the tour we just so happened to stumble into the latest edition to the tour! To be fair, it wasn't very hard to miss! There's something so surreal about seeing exactly what you've known and loved on your screens in reality.

After all that perusing and photo taking it was time for the essential Butterbeer and I can tell you it was delicious, sickly but delicious! I can feel a DIY coming on!

Part 2 of the tour included the incredible Diagon Alley. The intricate details really brought it to life, sadly there wasn't a Leaky Cauldron to pop into for another Butterbeer, but there's something to think about Warner Bros.

To end the tour (besides the treasure trove that was the gift shop) came the outstanding replica of Hogwarts itself! By golly was that a corker! It really took me by surprise when I walked round the corner to such an amazing sight!

Overall, I had such a fantastic time! I would recommend it to anyone from the most crazy of Potterheads to the average movie-watcher, not only does it give you an insight into one of the worlds most loved Book/Movie franchise but it really gives you a good understanding in some of what goes on behind the scenes on any one of your favourite movies. If anything it's almost worth going just to drink Butterbeer!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you've been to Harry Potter Studios or now feel inspired to,
Bronwyn x

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