My New Year's Resolutions


Hello everyone!

I can't quite believe that is almost 2015 already! 2014 was a great year, it hosted the beginning of my blog, a family trip to Portugal, various fun day out and lots of personal achievements. As it is tradition I have come up with a few resolutions for the coming year, tell me what yours are in comments below!

I have decided to scrapbook my entire year! I think it will be a great way to remember it in years to come and something to show my children (and grandchildren eek!). At the beginning of the year I already have a few activities planned (CATS at the London Palladium, CATS performance, watching Tim Vine live and my Godmother's wedding) so I think there should be some interesting material!

As ever I plan to keep fit! I know this is quite generic but it is something I am very passionate about (and have let slip over Christmas)! 2014 has really been my first year trying to keep healthy and I have noticed such a difference in myself both physically and mentally.

Another quite important one is NOT TO PANIC! This year I have found myself getting very stressed over lots of things, particularly school, when it's not entirely necessary so in 2015 I will make sure I don't.

Last but not least I am going to be blogging at least once a week all year (unless I have a valid reason not to)! This is a bit of a challenge for me but I shall do it for all of you lot!

I hope you enjoyed this post and happy new year,
Bronwyn x

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  1. Hello, my new years resolution is to become more confident in myself. Therefore I would like to start wearing make up however am too scared to ask my parents if I can start wearing make up! Do you have any advice how to ask them? I know I am responsibek to wear it and I will, as a result, feel more comfortable in my self if I wear it! Any tips would be thoroughly appreciated. X

    1. Hello! It's great to know that you want to feel more confident but in some ways makeup isn't the right way to go about it as you should feel comfortable as yourself and not think about what others think about you. I don't want to sound like a gruny old woman but it is true. Wearing makeup is lots of fun though so maybe just speak to your parents in a way that shows that you just want to have fun with it and experiment! I hope this helped, happy new year,
      Bronwyn x

  2. Hey. One of my resolutions 2 years ago was a scrap book, but I didn't get very far. But I am sure you will do much better than me. Anyway this year, I have two new ones. One is to start being healthy. I can't do any sport, but I guess I can eat healthy. My other ine is to keep a journal. So write something each day. I'm excited to try it! ☺️ X

    1. Good luck Justine! I think it's great to record each day so you can look back on it in years to come! x


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