Merry Christmas!


Hello everyone!

I'd would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thank you for sticking with me for these last 8 months, it doesn't seem that long ago I was writing my very first blog post and yet I have learnt so much since then. Next year I will continue blogging as usual but with hopefully more exciting and creative content and hope to get you involved too. I want to make 2015 all about making this the best it can be with the help of all of you! So in the comments below tell me what you want to see from me. So, happy holidays and I will see you soon!

Bronwyn x

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  1. Merry Christmas Bronwyn, i din't have a lot of time for make up at the moment. So how about a post on quick make up basic - how to give yourself a ten minute make over :-)

    1. What a brilliant idea! Thank you very much, I shall be on to that asap. Also I have started writing my Winter Essentials but haven't quite finished it so it won't be up until after Christmas and therefore may have to tweak it but it is on the way! Merry Christmas x


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