A Quick Update!


Hello everyone!

This is just a quick update post so lets get on with it...

I have almost reached 3,000 views on my blog! I would just like to thank everyone who has looked at it once or has seen every single post, every view counts! If you enjoy my blog you can enter your email at the top of the page to subscribe! Thank you...

Good luck to everyone going back to school this week, you will all do brilliantly!

I have been very obsessed with the quotes section of Pinterest of recent!

I had a brilliant time in London last week! We went to London Aquarium, where I discovered my love for fish, and had a lovely pizza afterwards!

Bronwyn's Beauty Blog now has a facebook page! Please check it out here! If I get 100 likes in 7 days I will host a giveaway so please go and give it a like for a chance to win!

I hope you enjoyed this 'short but sweet' post,
Bronwyn x

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