My May Favourites!


Hello Everybody!

Today I decided to tell you about my favourites for this month!

To start with I have a few makeup favourites! My first has to be Hoola by Benefit. It is a great warm tone matte bronzer that can be used as a contour or just to add a bit of colour to your face! It is long lasting but if you want it to look particularly intense all day then I would suggest popping it in you handbag. I love the fact that you can layer it up to create a strong look or keep it subtle and basic with just one application. 

My next makeup favourite is an oldie but a goody and that is the Lancôme Artliner. This is a liquid liner that has a long foam tip and it has been a favourite of mine ever since I first applied it! It is extremely long lasting, it is the blackest black, it doesn't smudge or transfer and it is so easy to apply! I would recommend it to anyone that is a newbie to make-up but is willing to splash out for the best!
                                          £20.00 from
 Next up is a food favourites! This month I have been loving adding Naturya Organic Spirulina Powder to my smoothies and juices. Spirulina is a natural algae powder that is high in protein and nutrients making it a superfood. Being an algae it tastes like seaweed on its own but if you mix it in with a green juice or banana smoothie (my favourites!) you can barely taste it! They say to get maximum health benefits from it you should have a small amount in water but I have yet to try that.

My favourite app for this month has to be Spotify. I love Spotify so much! In the car, doing makeup, writing blog posts, Spotify is great for every music listening opportunity! There are over 20 million songs to choose from so there is something for everyone and don't give the excuse that you don't like music because there are audio books as well!
For more info go to this website: 

For my fashion favourite I have picked out some OFFICE suede ankle boots! My Mum kindly picked these up for me in the OFFICE sale early this year and I have worn them constantly ever since! They are really comfortable and I love the fact that you can unzip the back and fold over the top for a really nice woolly trim at the top! Sadly I couldn't find them on the OFFICE website but go and have a look to see                                              what you can find! 

That's it for my May favourites, I could go on forever but I will leave it at that!
I hope you have enjoyed this post and I shall talk to you soon,
Bronwyn x 

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