Hobbies. Who'd Have 'Em?


Hello Everyone!

Throughout my life I have had hobbies; I went through the ballet, recorder (the strident instrument that everyone plays from Years 2-4 until they realize it's bordering on impossible to play), karate and amateur coin collecting stages. There was singing and dancing, baking and knitting but only some have really screwed to the sticking place (spot the Macbeth quote - go GCSEs!(No, Shakespeare really is awesome!)). It's not until your spare time is precious that you begin understand the importance of hobbies. Whether you partake in them daily, monthly or maybe even yearly they are something you can turn back to and enjoy, revel in the pleasures that only these activities can bring. These feelings are exclusive to you and you alone, yes, the majority of the planet can read but every time you pick up your favourite book no one can feel like you do, no one else can share that infinite bond between you and your horse; the pride you feel when you reach your personal best... nope, no one can feel that either!


I was always read to as child I distinctly remember Enid Blyton tales and Spike Milligan poems (A Children's Treasury of Milligan - from toddlers to pensioners, it will put a smile on your face!) and I think that has left me with a great appreciation of books and the alternate world they can transport you to. Does anyone remember the Rainbow Magic fairies? I made my Dad buy me the majority of the collection; peer pressure? I think so! Roald Dahl and Jacqueline Wilson were firm favourites too along with a countless collection of Doctor Who books which I still treasure today. 

Sadly, I fell out of reading when I reached senior school with all new ventures ahead of me and it wasn't until last year that I found it again! By golly am I glad I found reading again! If you want to here more about my favourite books give me a shout!



I've got to say, music sits at the top of the pile when it comes to hobbies. What would we do without music? What would life be? Music is at the epicentre of my life, it has a huge gravitational force on everything to my mood to my exam results. I am a fan of pretty much every genre going besides the majority of what you hear in the charts. Call me weird but you can find Jazz, Blues, Classical, Rock, Hip Hop and Indie on my Spotify playlists plus all the other good stuff in between besides Pop. Music for the masses isn't really my bag* but blast the rest out through a pair of good headphones and I'm as happy as Larry! (*That doesn't stop me having a boogie to it though... I also know all the words to All About That Bass)


Fun fact: I play the guitar too! I wouldn't say I was a guitarist but I really do love it. To come home after a stressful day and blast out a tune is better than any shrink. 


Growing up with two creative parents and an artist for a Mum has got to be the catalyst to my creativity. I'm clearly no Van Gough but I find drawing so therapeutic. I can't say the same for colouring though, I'm such a perfectionist it actually stresses me out trying to think it out! It's always nice to see the end results but maybe I should take it less seriously. It was actually one of my 61 Things To Do in 2016 to fill a sketch book and I'm getting there, eyes seem to be my forte and I can't get enough of it! What should I draw next?

Exam season is really taking its toll on us kiddlywinks and for this reason I really do suggest going back to any long forgotten hobbies or maybe even find a new one. Take a moment to bring yourself back to normality, take a deep breath and you'll find yourself with a tad less stress and much more drive.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your hobbies are in the comments below,
Bronwyn x

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