March Favourites - 2016


Hello Everyone!

If you have been with me for a while you may know that I am often amazed by the speed of the months that go by and I'm sure you are fed up with me saying it but it is so incredibly true! I may make today the last time I say that but we all know its not going to happen (sorry not sorry).

Anyway, things have been looking up this month! The first couple of months were downbeat and dreary as they often are but I feel like life is cheerier recently, I think its a mixture of the sun finally making an appearance and the thought of Summer just around the corner! Things are getting pretty intense at school again with a Spanish Controlled Assessment and Physics GCSEs coming up I'm in for a pretty awful couple of weeks. I hope you will understand if my posts are a bit sporadic during this time!

With a more positive month comes a myriad of favourites so without further ado, here they are!

As you may know, I bought myself a Fitbit Charge in January (if not see my January Favourites here) and I am still loving it but I am particularly enjoying bi-weekly challenges with my fellow Fitbit adorning friends! We tend to compete in the Workweek Hustle challenges with consists of 5 days (Monday-Friday) of constant competition and relentless prancing up and down your bedroom. I do love a bit of healthy competition especially with my friends and when I win *insert crying with laughter emoji here*!

March has brought one particularly fabulous thing, an obsession that has taken over many a morning and I am more than happy to take over my life: 2 Broke Girls! I fell in love this Sit-com from the Pilot, it follows two broke girls trying to work their way up the business ladder in Brooklyn, New York. There's something about their characters that is hard to not fall in love with and some moments are just so very relatable! I'm currently on Season 2 Episode 17 and believe me it will NOT take me long to finish all 5 seasons! 

Baking has made a come back, I mentioned this month! I made the most amazing Turtle Chocolate Layer Cake (three layers of chocolate and caramel goodness which you can find the recipe for here on Life, Love and Sugar), a Victoria Sponge (classic) and my own recipe Easter Egg Brownies to use up some left over easter egg brownies which will have a post in no time at all!

Words cannot describe how much my love for Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets has blossomed this month! Yes, John Mayer will always be my number one but these call a close 2nd and 3rd, however I most definitely couldn't assign them the deserved Silver or Bronze medals; that is a decision I am not willing to make. I'm sure the majority of you have heard/heard of Arctic Monkeys and those of you that enjoy them will most definitely enjoy TLSP, thank me later!

I was sent a this sample set from Lancome recently which I personalized to my to my needs and I was head-over-heel in love with it! This is a bold statement but with my skin suddenly diverting from normal to dry in the past couple of months it really got me back on track and helped lead my in the right direction after such a dramatic change. I now need to buy full-sized versions but if Lancome wanted to hook me up that would be good too :)!

The trendy ship sailed away for this one a while ago but, as I always, I was a bit late to the party! For £3.99 this palette is an absolute bargain an very pigmented too. I love the plum/pink shades in this Nude Rose edition; they seem quite unique in the drugstore, besides maybe the L'Oreal La Palette Nude, my favourite has got to be the forth pink-come-orange-come-nude shade that works perfectly all over the lid for a quick daytime look. To make this a ground-breaker I would add a few matte shades but you can't complain for the price! 

Now the temperature's rising, The Last Shadow Puppets have a new album for me to wear out and I have an excuse to break out the old Spring-time pastels and florals April is set up to be a gooden (besides the school stuff, of course (stay at school kids)).

I hope you enjoyed this post, as always let me know what your March favourites are in the comments below,
Bronwyn x

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