January Favourites - 2016


Hello Everyone! 

I had a pretty average January as most people do, I spent most of it wrapped up in a blanket instead of bearing the Winter chill that crept up on us. December seemed to keep us in a false sense of security and then January came along and was like: 'Bam! In your faces you luke warm imbeciles! *Blows cold air in faces*. Anyway, not amused!

Due to the lack of outside in my life you can probably imagine that my favourites are rather limited and mostly Netflix based. But, do not fear there are some goodns about this month!

I finished Jessica Jones this month and it is, as predicted, bloody brilliant! I started watching it for two reasons: David Tennant and Marvel, but it is so much more than that. It is similar to Daredevil in the way that it is set in Hell's Kitchen, New York and there is a similar format however... as some of you may be aware they are supposed to be linked for the final series in the collection which brings together Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the yet to be released Luck Cage and Iron Fist called Defenders... I am too damn excited!

I also managed to speed my way through Firefly, a 2003 series by my man Joss Whedon, that followed my all time favourites Buffy and Angel. I really, really loved it and am very proud that I managed to learn the theme tune by episode two and haven't stopped singing it since! If anyone was interested I am now watching Torchwood but have been bullied (in a friendly way) into watching Supernatural, I have 11 seasons to catch up on, wish me luck!

I got this sample-sized Benefit Roller Lash a while ago now and when I first got it I absolutely hated it! It didn't seem to hold a curl, it clumped my lashes together and you could get mascaras 10x better for half the price. I kept it in my 'unused' makeup box for a backup and I happened to come across it a few weeks ago and now I love it! I don't know how it could have changed so much but my guess is that it's dried up a little bit. It holds a really nice curl, separates my lashes and has a nice, petite wand that allows you to get into the corners. Strange, very strange indeed!

This month, I took the plunge and bought a Fitbit! I have the Charge model and I am absolutely obsessed with it! You don't realise how much of a difference it will make to your life until you get one and trust me you will have many an evening stepping on the spot to reach that 10,000 step goal! A few of my closest friends also have one so I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Workweek Hustle (Most steps between friends from Monday-Friday) challenges and by heck do they get feisty! 

As a huge Real Techniques fan, I received the Core Collection for Christmas and I love all the brushes in it (of course) but I am a particular fan of the Buffing and Detailer brushes. I use the Buffing brush to apply my foundation when I want a medium coverage and it doesn't leave streaks like some brushes do. I tend to use my Detailer brush to define my eyebrows and eyeliner and it is sooooo perfect for the job, I think this is definitely my favourite of the two. You can also use it to cover blemishes etc. but you you should only use it for one or the other to stop them spreading.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, tell me what your favourites have been in the comments below,
Bronwyn x

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